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The Campbell House

…a finely-wrought gate, wide stone steps, doors open, a treasure-trove of drama-filled stories—an immigrant turned mountain man, respect stitched into a splendid hide coat, enterprise and integrity on the face of a bank note, love of family in carefully penned letters—lives lived among Rococo embellishment, calling bells, and gilt-edged china…

Virginia CampbellBuilt in 1851, the Campbell House Museum stands as one of the most accurately restored 19th Century buildings in America. Reflecting high-Victorian opulence, this museum contains hundreds of original Campbell possessions including furniture, paintings, clothing, letters, carriages and a unique album of 60 photographs of the interior of the house taken in about 1885. It first opened as a museum in 1943.

The Campbell House was the home of renowned fur trader and entrepreneur Robert Campbell and his family from 1854 until 1938. The museum not only preserves the Campbell's house, but also invites visitors to become a part of the evocative and multi-faceted stories that connect the Campbell family to a growing urban center of St Louis in the turbulent period leading to the Civil War. Robert Campbell’s role in commerce, Indian affairs, and a struggling banking system are juxtaposed against the love and heartache of a growing family that experienced great loss. Explore these captivating stories through theme-based tours, educational resources, and community events. Thematic content connects with stories presented by partnering museums.

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